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Informations Fastmag :

  • Fournisseur : REFAC
  • Saison :
  • Famille : HANDMADE ITALY
  • Ssfamille : ROND
  • Modele : ATHENA
  • Matiere : COWHIDE
  • Rayon : SNEAKERS
  • Theme : EXOTIC
  • Description : Photo = SL001-1-A


Mexicana Boots are sold all around the world, which is why we deliberately display 3 size formats.

The base of our size scale is defined according to the American US size so it is the first listed.

We then indicate the matching European size EUR which also corresponds to the Italian shoe size IT.

We then indicate the matching French size FR.

If you already have a pair of MEXICANA you can rely on the size indication on the upper inside of the boot. US* sizes and EUR* sizes are the only ones indicated on the upper inside of our boots.

Our standards are the same form one style to another, therefore you can order the same US or EUR size as the pair you already own.

There is few exceptions, we will however indicate if this particular style runs big or small compares to our standards.

You can also consult the table below which completes our advice and also indicates the UK size as well as the lengths in cm and inch of each size according to current standards.